open hands open minds open ears open hearts

The trans-form-a-tor-ium is a nomadic, co-creative laboratory, dedicated to cultivating empathy through open-hearted listening and expression.

In order to listen, we must first learn to hear - to hear the voices of our senses, our bodies, our histories, our wishes, our fears, our environment, our fellow human beings...


Through our workshops, retreats, circles and private sessions, the transformatorium nurtures awareness, sensitivity, and intention so that we are able to connect to ourselves and one another.


Hearing begins with attention; Listening begins with acceptance.


When we listen with the heart, we can learn to harmonize inner and outer voices, and to weave marvelous music from the diverse hungers, dreams, challenges, and pleasures we all share.


This harmony gives us courage. An open heart can recognize the unknown as fertile ground. It is here, at the limit of our own experience and understanding, that we can create the perfect conditions for transformation.