an American creative arts therapist, elemental medicine woman, and researcher. She is a specialist in intra-personal communication, the study of how inner dialogue shapes the creation of self, identity and perception. Her practice focuses on healing through personal or collective ritual, creative expression, sensorial experience, and symbolic action. She believes, wholeheartedly, that pleasure can transform the body, just as empathy can transform the world.

Elise Goldstein : Muse, Meaning-Maker & Medicine Woman

a French music and sound therapist, educator and Tai Chi teacher. Through his experience as a musician, paired with his background in martial arts, he has developed a strong sensitivity and awareness of energetic, bodily vibration. Both disciplines emphasize attunement, first with oneself and then with others. This capacity is integral in the field of education, especially when working with children with special needs; through this work, he has developed a sense of clarity regarding personal and physical boundaries, and an expertise in nonverbal communication.

Remi Confida : Healer, Song-Catcher & Martial Heartist





From the moment they met, Elise and Remi found in each other the same intention to sprout more love, empathy, and connection in the world.  They share the belief that the world we live in is a world we all actively create.


The Transformatorium began as a collaborative and experiential meeting-place for dreaming the world they wish to live in, and building it together, alongside others who share the same need to connect with hearts open.


Their passion for experimentation, playfulness, child-like curiosity and sincere self-exploration laid a common ground in which to plant these seeds, that will one day bear the fruit of their shared wishes. The Transformatorium is the garden in which they nurture and tend to these values as they grow out of the earth and into the world.