Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.


All circles are run on a donation basis.


Through the use of voice, didgeridoo, handpans, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, guitar, recorded sounds and more, we weave for you a story through sound. Within this immersive soundscape, you will journey through various states of consciousness until you reach a deep relaxation, all the while remaining highly attentive to your own sensations.


This circle is not passive. Listening intensively brings attention to inner experiences and happenings; this observation, in turn, modifies the way sound is received. This is a spiral of deepening, sometimes even to the core of one’s being.


This attentive travel into one’s inner-most-depths, when collectively experienced, creates an environment of shared energetic attunement. We are all also instruments emitting a frequency. Our vibrations create reverberations in one another. What we, as the sound-makers, observe in this attunement informs the flow of music created. In this way, we are all composing the soundscape together.


Sound helps to facilitate shifts in your brainwave-state by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. It then becomes possible to modulate your normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep, where internal healing can occur). As you naturally become more relaxed, you become  more open and aware of each sound that comes in and its effect on us.


When our whole being vibrates in response to sound waves, we start to hear the vibrations of the universe, feel the impermanence of all things, and become more active in our own process of transformation.

During our circle, in this state of heightened receptivity, relaxation, openness, and connection, participants with a wish to receive individual attention will experience a few minutes of reiki, energetic listening and alignment.

Sound Bath Meditations

To be a witness is to offer the gift of listening with full presence, appreciation, and humility. In this circle, we share who we are, we share what is alive within us, and we share what we recognize, see and hear in each other. We do not ask questions. We do not judge. We do not pressure. We do not repeat. This is a sacred circle of sharing, receiving, and reflecting.


Each person is given the same amount of time and attention to express anything that wants to be witnessed by others. Though we all share in this circle, the majority of the session passes through listening. Listening deeply. Listening to the other and what touches you in who they are and what they share. It is a simple circle of profound connection.

Witnessing Circles


Tai Chi Ch’uan is a Chinese martial art form which promotes physical, mental and spiritual vitality in people of all ages. Through a mindful practice of soft, slow and graceful movements, Tai Chi improves balance, stretches and strengthens all parts of the body. It has numerous health benefits for the body: lubricating the joints, stimulating the circulation of blood and Chi (vital force of the breath), helping the body to move more flowingly and fighting stress, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. As a moving meditation and a unique system of self defence, Tai Chi also helps the mind to expand through increasing self-awareness, serenity, and emotional resilience.


After integrating a regular practice, one can easily observe the benefits of this ancient Taoist form. The first time one practices Tai Chi is often a profound experience, regardless of the choice to make it the first step of a life journey or not. This first time can be both confronting (as one raises awareness on their physical, mental or spiritual rigidities) and empowering (through the flow of healing energy, the sharper state of attention, and the physical and mental relaxation resulting from the process).


This Tai Chi and Chai Tea circle will be in two parts:


During the first hour, we will discover a few movement forms of Tai Chi,  guided with care.


During the second hour, we will have an open-hearted sharing circle about the experience, especially in relation to discomfort, rigidities, and projections… all around a cup of homemade Chai Tea.

Tai Chi & Chai Tea


Working with the moon is about synchronizing the rhythm of our individual experiences with the collective rhythm of all other creatures on this planet. We all share the same earth, the same sun, and the same moon. Moon circles bring us together to participate in the visible conversation between the movement of these three bodies, and the inner/outer shifts they create in our lives.




The full moon is a moment of climax in the life cycle of our collective monthly rhythm. Traditionally, it is a time of enjoying the fruit of our labor and of letting go. We gather around a fire to celebrate and to offer anything we have collected on our journey that we wish to release. The light of the full moon illuminates both the things we wish to see and the things we don’t. During this circle, we feed the fire with any patterns, tensions, obstacles, bonds, or baggage that we no longer wish to carry. This moon circle is open to all.



to honor the sacred masculine

& the sacred feminine




During the ‘dark moon’ or ‘new moon’, energy vibrates at a lower frequency, allowing us to return to our center, and to question ourselves… As we retreat inward, the sexual and initiative drives decline. It is a time to reflect, to invite new things, and to seed changes.


Men have gathered together in circle since ancient times. Though the principles, tools and formats in this circle are inspired by ancient traditions, they adapt to those present in the circle, and evolve over time.


The circle is confidential. Everyone has the opportunity to share their experiences, doubts and concerns in a Brotherhood, where each can be heard and receive support. We respect the right to be vulnerable, as well as the right to be silent. Anything discussed in the circle stays in the circle.


Here, we reconnect with the power of the masculine energy, the purpose and the determination which drives us in a space which summons courage and creates solidarity. The circle is strictly free of drugs, alcohol, and intoxication.


The Dark Moon Men’s Circle is exclusively for men, both in age/maturity and gender. We stand behind a strong non-discrimination policy regarding transgender men. All men are welcome. All men have a place in our circle.





The new moon is the dark hour, the cave time, the threshold space, the sacred moment in-between. One moon cycle has closed, and another has not yet begun. It is natural for energies to be low at this moment, to feel vulnerable, emotional, internal, withdrawn, contemplative. In this circle, we gather together as women to share our reflections from the story of the last moon cycle. We work with water, with heart, and with our feminine ancestral lineages. 


This is a rebirthing. We burrow into the deep, dark, sweet womb of mother earth to express how we feel in our bodies, how we speak to our femininity, and how we dance with our shadows. We also make our wishes, invitations, and intentions for what we welcome into our experience during the forthcoming cycle.

This is a sacred space : everything shared and witnessed belongs only to the circle. We observe strict confidentiality. To respect the circle, this gathering is free of drugs, alcohol, and intoxication.

This circle is exclusively for women, both in age/maturity and gender. We stand behind a strong non-discrimination policy regarding transgender women. All women are welcome. All women have a place in our circle.


Moon Circles