Andalucía, Spain

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Passion, Patience, Presence & Purpose: an immersive couples retreat for transforming partnership with body, mind, heart and spirit.

Fire-Keeping for Couples

Harmony and Conflict share one thing: Difference.


Difference can create tension, aggression, resentment, or avoidance - but it can also create heat, creativity, cooperation, curiosity, excitement, discovery and surprise.


In this retreat, we will give you tools to transform and even invite difference as a vital ingredient of a delicious partnership. Through understanding the masculine and feminine (or assertive and receptive) dynamic within yourself and your partner, you will increase harmony and fuel the fire of intimacy - as individuals and together as a partnership.


WHO is this for?

Whether you have been together for 3 months or 30 years, you have changed since the beginning of your partnership. You have been changed by your relationship.


This is an opportunity for you and your partner to let go of the you-from-before and introduce the you-of-right-now.

This retreat is for couples in a moment of Major Life Change:

  • after moving in together or after marriage

  • after the birth of a child

  • after the loss of a parent or loved one

  • after a career change or relocation

  • after the children leave home

  • after menopause or andropause (male menopause)

  • after (or during) recovery from illness or injury

  • after a relationship crisis (infidelity or betrayal)

  • or following any other major shift

Major transitions redefine us as individuals, and therefore require a redefinition of the relationship we build with our partner.

This retreat is also for couples who are feeling stuck, bored, lost, uninspired or caged, in order to instigate a major life change, together.

In case you're not sure if this is for you - we are always happy to schedule a phone/video-call to speak about your particular couple, context and conditions for participation. Have a look at the FAQs section, then write to us and we'll coordinate a time to reach out. 


This retreat explores the masculine and feminine - but both facilitators begin with an understanding that regardless of the physical anatomy, the body-at-birth, the sexual orientation, the gender orientation, or the partnership structure - every person carries within them the masculine and feminine, and every relationship dynamic can be better understood through an exploration of the contrast and balance between these two energies.

This retreat invites the participation of any partnership invested in personal growth, mutual understanding, co-creation, love, respect and inspiration. 

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness... Let love be a moving sea between the shores of your souls... And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart so that they may work together.” - Kahlil Gibran


WHAT will you receive through this experience?

LEARN about sacred sexuality through an introduction to ancient wisdom traditions and their teachings on the divine aspects of the archetypal feminine & masculine. Harmonize while maintaining the magnetism and polarity between the two.

GATHER new strategies and tools:

  • Share and listen, open-heartedly

  • Resolve conflict and dissolve old patterns

  • Let go of accumulated resentment or stress

  • Rediscover one another anew

  • Build intimacy in exciting, explorative & spicy ways

  • Open to new sensual practices

  • Develop a new sensitivity to touch and a new receptivity to be touched

  • Invite playfulness and experimentation while providing safety to one another

  • Communicate with greater sincerity and transparency, without sacrificing gentleness

  • Rebuild trust and integrity to heal old wounds and face future challenges with resilience, hope, connection and ease.

RELEASE the old stories from the past so that you can create a new, fresh story of your relationship together that can begin here and now.

SHARE a ceremony to dedicate your relationship to a purpose you find and name together.

TASTE the power of aphrodisiac foods. Explore powerful new ways to create meaningful, pleasure-filled, multi-sensory meals.

EXPERIENCE the power and fire of Flamenco music and local tradition with a private concert.


...and WHERE?


Where the ocean kisses the sea, at the door between continents, where spicy meets sweet, and the sun embraces the earth - Andalucía is a land of contrast, of flavors, of colors, of the intensity of light and life.


Here is the birthplace of Flamenco, a music and dance of equal strength and grace between the masculine and feminine.


This land will teach us to be in harmony with our inner and outer contrasts, and for the meeting of our differences to erupt in passion and beauty.


...and WHEN?


During the winter, it is natural to enter 'the cave' and explore the inner landscape - to dream, to envision, to rest, to slow down, to withdraw, to reflect.


The equinox marks the day where we have equal hours of light and darkness. And the spring equinox is an invitation for fire and heat to return and illuminate our world.


We invite you to a 'spring cleaning' for your couple - to sweep out the attic and basement of all old memories and old patterns that are no longer needed.

The equinox is a time of opposites meeting: light and dark, day and night, hot and cold - a moment where both share equal time and an equal voice.


It is this balanced meeting of opposites that creates enough friction to ignite fire: the passion and fuel at the heart of any life-nourishing, healthy partnership.

It is a perfect time to re-find one other after the natural hibernation and inner processing of winter, a perfect moment to feed the flame of your union.


Okay - tell us HOW!



  • A private room for you and your partner in our seminar-house, surrounded by natural beauty

  • 3 meals each day, prepared by a professional chef specializing in aphrodisiac ingredients - sourced locally, fresh, seasonal, with vegetarian and vegan options available - all prepared with love.

  • An erotic and aphrodisiac cooking workshop

  • A private Flamenco concert and dance performance

  • A collective sound healing session

  • Intensive workshops to develop sensuality & erotic language fluency

  • A guided Spanish wine tasting

  • Guided meditation & movement each morning, with live hang-drum accompaniment

  • Daily programming with circles and presentations to create mutual-understanding and to develop tools that will serve you for life (approximately 6 hours of content each day)

  • A fire ceremony to cleanse your partnership of past conflict

  • A water ceremony to dedicate the love of your bond to a newly articulated purpose that you will discover and decide together

  • Connection, support, and continued contact with the facilitators.



  • Transportation to and from the seminar-house (we can offer modest assistance with flight and travel planning)

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

  • Wine or food not provided by our chef; souvenirs/personal shopping


We strongly recommend that you consider arriving early or remaining in the region following our dates. Our retreat schedule is not satisfying for tourism. During the our time together, we are highly dedicated to our purpose, and thus do not have enough time for exploring the marvelous diversity of this area. Come early. Stay late. Extend and enjoy your time together.



  • 1 Private video-call follow-up session with the coordinators 2-4 months following the retreat

  • Exclusive “PlayBook” containing exercises to share together for continued building of communication and sensual practices, including guides on conflict resolution and re-establishing intimacy after conflict

  • An aphrodisiac recipe pack

  • A customized art-print certificate for the ceremonial dedication of your partnership





COST per couple: 2,950 €​

For couples registering before October 1st, 2018, we offer a special discounted package of 2,450 €

Our retreat is limited to 10 couples.

If you would like to reserve your space before you are able to make a full payment, you may do so by placing a deposit of 1,000 €. The remaining balance must be paid before February 1, 2019.


Cancellation: Please note that we are not able to offer refunds. We recommend that everyone consider purchasing travel and cancellation insurance.

Private Sessions in Preparation

Some couples find it helpful, while preparing for the retreat, to book private video-call sessions with the organizers in the months and weeks leading up to the retreat. Due to our ethical code, we are only able to hold these sessions if both parts of the couple are able and willing to be fully present. 

Preparatory private sessions are offered at a rate of 100 € / hour.

If you're not sure if this retreat is a good fit, we're happy to schedule a call to consult - free of charge. There is a right time and place for everything, and we are just as invested in making sure that everyone present is in the right moment of their relationship and lives to share an extraordinary experience, and prepared for all of the changes it will create. 



Step 1: Fill out the contact form here. We will email you a registration form to fill out together with your partner, along with payment instructions and an invoice.

Step 2: Complete and submit your registration form & send payment (either in full or the deposit to hold your space). We cannot guarantee your space in the retreat until we have received both. 

Step 3: Following registration and payment, you will receive a guide regarding exact location and times, tips on travel arrangements, things to bring, and ways to prepare for this journey together.

Thanks for starting the registration process. We are delighted that you'll be joining us. To complete your registration, we will send you the registration form to complete and payment instructions.


Why should you do this? Why here? Why now?

Because, believe it or not, your couple holds the potential to be the single most powerful source of strength, growth, inspiration and nourishment in your life.


Because by bringing passion, patience, presence & purpose into your partnership, you will flood the world around you with love and resilience, inspiring others to do the same. Transforming your partnership is the most direct way to revolutionize the world. How we are with our partners is the model for how we are with every other relationship in our lives. This is your foundation. This is the microcosm that can move the macrocosm. 

This could change everything.


About the Facilitators:


As a teacher of Tai Chi, Remi Confida is deeply informed by the practices of balancing the masculine and feminine energies in movement and daily physical practice. This sensitivity and insight has been greatly informed by his research and training with Emotionally Focused Therapy and Non-Violent Communication techniques. His attention to nonverbal communication and the careful cultivation of patience, both of which originate in the Tai Chi practice, provide a base to understand and support couples opening heart-fully to one another.


Elise Goldstein began working as a sex educator 12 years ago, with a special emphasis in exploratory touch, the neuroscience of pleasure, and the power of sensation diversification to simultaneously grow the libido and heart-space. In sex therapy, her research emphasizes the role of security, control and letting go within partnership, both in general dynamics and intimacy. She has years of experience supporting women in the emotional and physical process of increasing pleasure and discovering multi-orgasmic, ecstatic abandon in the arms of their partner.

Remi and Elise know that the techniques they teach work. They know it because they see it at work in their own partnership together every day. Their individual expertise and distinct differences have provided an eclectic foundation with a great variety of resources to practice active harmonization of the masculine and feminine in themselves, their couple and their professional endeavors.


Please be patient with us - this section is in progress as we take time to answer thoughtfully.