a bit of the theory behind the session...





We hold the memories of all lived experiences both on the mental and physical level. They affect us, for better or for worse. Unhealthy living habits and past traumas have a dramatic effect on our level of stress, our moods, the circulation of energy in our subtle body. They eventually create permanent states of physical pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on…


We’ve all witnessed how music and sounds can profoundly affect our emotional state, moving us into ecstatic states of euphoria, grieving states of despair, deep states of relaxation...


This unique aspect of music gives it a deeply sacred space in the hearts and minds of peoples in all cultures throughout history. Music has been used as a catalyst to deepen insight, wisdom, and growth.


The whole universe is vibration at its very core. Sound is a direct connection to this truth.


An immersion into sound and music offers a gateway to accessing this shared dynamic behind the existence of all matter. In the very nature of the sound itself lies connection with the impermanence of all things and a potential for self-transformation.