Minerals, Metaphor

& Meaning-Making




Communicating through

Contact & Sensation




a Circle of Sound & Silence​




Making Love with All that Is



According to both scientists and ancient earth-spirit traditions, stones are the record keepers and archivists of this world. They collect both data and wisdom from all the stories that have unfolded around them. They are our quiet witnesses, and if we can learn to work with them and to listen, they can also be our teachers.


In this workshop, we embark together on personal and collective journeys to invite stones as our guides in self and group witnessing. We make our own set of casting stones (often called “runes”), with our own individual system of symbols and meanings, and then learn to listen to what our stones want to share with us.


This is also a place for seeking clarity, support, and encouragement from fellow seekers in the circle - a place for unlocking the intuitive voice and the trust required to hear it. Diving deeply into the collective imagination opens us to receiving guidance from unlikely sources, and allows us to give voice to aspects of ourselves or our societies that have been excluded, forgotten or ignored.


This workshop merges principles and practices from North and South American shamanic practices, Family Constellation Therapy, Jungian symbolic analysis, Psychopoesis, and the history of European lithomancy.

Stone-Whispering :

Minerals, Metaphor

& Meaning-Making

Affection is a basic human need. In a world of constant technological mediation, touch, this potent catalyst for healing, is becoming less common and more essential. Learning to listen to the body is fundamental for wellbeing, and the body is built for enjoyment. Sensorial pleasure, when treated with attention and intention, is a highly-effective and totally free form of medicine. Not to mention, it’s available any time, anywhere.


In this workshop, first we introduce the anatomical and neurochemical processes your body experiences through touch and affection; then we use these insights to develop physical sensitivity and fluency in the language of touch. We begin with collecting what we call a “vocabulary of sensation” … mainly with self-touch and tactility (physical contact with a variety of materials and objects).


In part two, we expand this vocabulary through the three aspects of communication-through-contact : listening, giving and receiving touch. Through interactive exercises, we present new ways of increasing trust and attunement. By listening with the body, we practice transmitting intention through touch. Sometimes gentle and tender, sometimes silly and playful - these practices open your connection to a new depth of conversation - eye to eye, hand to hand, heart to heart.

TouchLab : Communicating through Contact

& Sensation


Music is a language that everyone can hear and everyone can speak. It’s universal. There are no language barriers. However, making music together is complex; it’s an active process of speaking and listening at the same time. For it to work, we have to tune with others so that we can make harmony instead of noise.


This conversation of speaking and listening can add an element of vulnerability. Why does it feel harder to sing than bang rocks together? Is it because when we sing with our own voice, we show much more of what’s inside? Where is the limit between the need we all share to be seen and accepted versus the discomfort of being exposed?


When we work in the zone of discomfort - we work at our limits, and we extend those limits. We give ourselves more freedom and more choice. We allow ourselves to be, and to be seen. We act with courage.


In this workshop we try to speak with the various voices and sounds of our body, and also to speak while remaining silent. We explore various ways for developing a more intuitive listening, and experiment with numerous forms for creating together, from chaos to harmony. We build sound experiences and observe what connection we make between what we hear and how we feel inside.

From Chaos to Harmony :

a Circle of Sound & Silence


What is love? How do we know when we feel it? Is it a state of being, an emotion, an attachment, a biological urge, a spiritual revelation? Is it exceptional and rare and temporary? Or is it constant, infinite and abundantly available? Are there diverse types of love, or only different faces for a universal love? Does it always arrive spontaneously or can openness to love be developed? Can love become a cultivated practice? Simply put, this workshop is about exploring and developing strategies to experience and share love.


We start with this hypothesis: If we can look with the eyes of a child and acknowledge beauty and grace in all of their infinite forms, then we can fall in love with anyone, any place, and anything. Falling in love is an act of profound appreciation. By training ourselves to see beauty in anything, we re-enchant the familiar and open to the miracle of the unknown. Falling in love unlocks the doors to wonderment. To Joy.


In this workshop, we share our own individual understandings of love, invite an experience of love through various forms, and finally, explore ways of transmitting love - through spoken words, love letters, eye contact, touch, and gesture.

Heartwork : Making Love with All that Is